Area description

Description of location - Sam Roi Yod

Sam Roi Yod is located a well 35 km (22 miles) from Hua Hin and is, by experts, said to be the
new “in” area within Hua Hin and county. Sam Roi Yod glitters with its fantastic National Park.

Sam Roi Yod means “The 300 Tops” and references to the many mountain tops in the area.
This is spiced up with palm groves, so lovely, that you are bound to check whether you are dreaming or not. All this makes Sam Roi Yod a small pearl, which is bound to keep its charm and beauty for eternity. This is due to the fact that Sam Roi Yod National Park is surrounded by mountains where construction is prohibited.

In Sam Roi Yod you find yourself in the “real” Thailand, where you in peace and quiet can relax and enjoy the fantastic surroundings. It is not far from the international environment though.
You can quickly meet this environment after a 15 min. drive north. Pranburi offers everything that you may need of international everyday-products and a massive count of big local markets, which most likely are open at all times.

In Hua Hin, just 35km (22 miles) north, you can find all of your hearts desires. With entertainment, shopping and much more.

We are proud to be able to bid you welcome in the center of paradise. If you are interested in
nature or not, the areas, roughly 300, green and snowy mountaintops are an unforgettable sight.
Here have many scenes been filmed due to the green rainforests breathtaking beauty.
The beach in Sam Roi Yod speaks for itself, here the most stressed, find their way to relaxation.
The clear azure blue water, the paradise islands and the incredibly nice people is just a small part of what makes Sam Roi Yod so special. 

Between 10 to 12 months a year you can see dolphins in Dolphin Bay which is the beach in Sam Roi Yod.