When you have had enough of the relaxing lige on the beach, you can start a ”long-boat cruise” where you will sail around the coast and up the rivers. Here you many see the animal habitats that do not exist many other places: The swampy riverbeds contain everything from large monitor lizards to “footfish” that, almost magically, rises up from the river and hops away on their big gills that make their feet. Do you look up; you are almost bound to see the great hornbills fly by.

There are many possibilities. Amongst sailing out to see the beautiful louts flowers, of which there are many. Or you can go to Monkey Island where you can feed the cute monkeys with bananas.

Do you need a little exercise between all these new impressions, you may visit one of the many caves which are located around the area. Both Rama the 5. And the 6. (kings) and the present regent, His Highness Rama Bhumibol Adulyadej has visited the greatest and most popular cave in the vicinity of Sam Roi Yod. The trip to the cave stretches up a mountainside and through the lush rain forest.
The trip may be a bit strenuous, but it is all worth it. In the grotto, there is a small temple and a natural hole in the caves ceiling lets the light of the sun steam in. This makes the he small temple seem ever so divine.

When the sun sets over the mountains in the west, there is a great opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal back at the beach in Sam Roi Yod. There are at least 50 local restaurants, where one fantastic dish, made from the fresh produce of the sea, overtakes the other and you would have to build a great appetite to eat
for more than DKK 40. Are you more for food of a European style, there are 4-5 good restaurants, which serve everything from the European menu, at reasonable prices too.

8 golf lanes are within 1 hour’s drive, if such is a wanted. Sam Roi Yod National Park, as earlier mentioned offer 3000 different types of birds and other exciting animals.

Our Service Center arranges many trips. Amongst other things, you can take a 2 day journey, where you drive over the Bridge of River Kwai, then to ride the old train that rides on the Railway of Death.
Where after you end up in Wangpho Station, here you are picked by our car/bus again.
Next stop: Tigertemple and the historical cemeteries. From there the trip goes to the beautiful Saiyoke Noi waterfall. Day number 1 ends with an accommodation at the Santran Resort (elefant resort).

On the second day it is time for elefant trekking and sailing with a bamboo raft on the River Kwai. Expected arrival at resort: 09:00 PM.

There are many other great opportunities for memorable trips. Go to our folder in the house, where many of the journeys are described or speak to the Service Center.